Handcrafted and tuned individually to be a unique keepsake memorial for your beloved pet, this wind chime urn is a beautiful way to create a space for reflection and meditation.  A light breeze  breathes life into the chimes creating a sensory experience and an audible connection to your pet.

The unique design of the wind chime urn allows you to place approximately one cup of ashes or a token amount plus any keepsakes into the custom housing at the top of the wind chime.  

We use stunning camphor laurel timber to create every piece individually and a coating of our bio resin epoxy ensures our urns are safe to use and not harmful to the environment whilst guaranteeing they will absolutely stand the test of time.  The chimes also have a clear coating to ensure they do not erode or oxidise over time.

The wind chime urn is made right here on the Sunshine coast and is a high quality, beautiful design.



Length from top of hanger to base of wind catcher 175cm
Width of top of urn 19cm
Depth of Urn 14cm

Length of longest chime pipe

Weight empty 1.5Kg
Capacity of Urn 0.35L