Pet Rest Cremations are a local family owned company, located in the grounds of the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge at Tanawha. We pride ourselves on providing a dignified and caring service for your beloved pet and treating them with the same respect as we would with our own. 

We are experienced in providing a compassionate and personalised service for your family member.

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 That special time

 The decision is made- now what?

You know the day/ time is coming, but your beautiful  pet is still with you. How do you go about making that  last little time the best for them. For some pets they  may be in pain or incapable of a lot of movement,  whilst others may still have energy. We have gathered  a few ideas from families who have created special  memories in the last bit of time:




  1. Food, glorious food! We all try and give them the best but they always trying to eat things they shouldn’t… but when it comes to this point- why not? We have been told of fur-babies having fried chicken, special roasts dinners, LOTS of smackos, and even icecream! Chocolate, nuts, avocado and garlic are still no-no’s however the possibilities are endless.
  2. A special walk at their favourite spot- whether that’s just in the garden or at a particular beach/park. If they can no longer walk, perhaps just carrying them or a drive in the car. Just a special little adventure to somewhere they like to be.
  3. There does come a point where just spending time with them and having lots of pats and cuddles is just what they need. Being surrounded by those people, toys, blankets and treats and smells that they are familiar with is the most comforting environment.


 Special ways to remember/celebrate their life


There are so many lovely ways to celebrate the life of  your beloved family member. Here are some examples

  • Lighting a candle and/ or setting up a special memorial area in your home can be a nice way to keep their memory with you. You could include things such as photos, their collar/lead/bandana, their paw print, sympathy cards from family and flowers.
  • Setting up a special place in the garden dedicated to your pet by planting a tree or burying their ashes
  • Choosing a special place to scatter your pets ashes. Somewhere that they loved (eg the beach, river, garden) or somewhere that allows you to visit them such as your garden, or a special memorial pet garden (eg at Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge).
  • Having a memorial product made up in their memory, for example a glass orb, a photo canvas/artwork , a garden ornament, jewellery or even a tattoo.
  • Contributing to a cause important to you by making a donation in your pets name
  • Donating your pets bedding/ jackets/ food/ medication ect to an animal shelter in memory of them
  • Writing a special letter to your pet or writing up a little biography/eulogy can help with the healing. It is also a really lovely process to go through with your family and kids. You could choose to keep it private or even show family and friends to help them understand what you are going through.
  • Looking through photos is another way of remembering the beautiful memories- which can really help you celebrate their life instead of grieving their loss.


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